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“The Photo Studio employs an AI tool to manually personalise models, creating more precise and accurate website images that therefore minimise returns.” - Amber Snuverink, Lead Photographer

2 MAY 2024
As we all know, visuals are everything when it comes to fashion. We can see that consumers are more likely to choose clothing with clear images. At Otrium, we understand the important role that visuals play in presenting clothing at its best, so here’s what we did
We've initiated  our Photo Studio in 2020, to optimise the visual identity of the items on our platform. Our mission revolves around collaborating with brand partners to give a new life to their unsold stock through our platform. Our in-house Photo Studio captures these items on models using AI. 
Quick and effective From a seamless photo shoot to the final image, we manage it all, eliminating the need for third-party involvement and ensuring a swift and cost-effective workflow. A quick turnaround, with items going live within a week. The studio offers options between packshot and model images, with high-quality AI-driven modelling. 
This is how we work
  1. Our Fashion Brand Partners choose between packshot or model images
  2. Operational steps include picking, steaming and getting the items to the photo studio that sits within our warehouse
  3. Then the Photo Studio comes into play: photography, communicating when items are ready, and editing visuals
  4. Post-shoot, items are seamlessly put into stock and put live on the Otrium platform
Best of both worlds Off-price items are mostly end of season, and for brands it is therefore less attractive to invest in such items. This is where Otrium comes in; for a small expense we deliver quality images of these fashion items if our brand partners do not have such imagery available themselves. These visuals help consumers with making an accurate purchase decision and therefore also reduce the likelihood that consumers will  return their order.
Capacity Behind the scenes, our statistics reveal the scale of our operations. In 2023 alone, 15,000 items were shot, with 2,500 as model photography. Our editing partner handled retouching for 30,000 images, emphasising the magnitude of our commitment to visual excellence. Orders with at most 75 items can go live within four days.
The Otrium Photo Studio isn't just about capturing images; it's a testament to our dedication to revolutionising how fashion is presented and experienced. With a commitment to efficiency, quality, and innovation, we're aiming to set new standards in the fashion industry. 
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Otrium's Donations Program

At Otrium, our goal is to ensure all clothing produced is worn. Over 90% of the items available on our platform reach our members. We offer alternative services to unburden fashion brands to repurpose the unsold 10%. Alongside our B2B Marketplace – where we connect our brand partners to local stock buyers – we actively support charities to repurpose the items while serving local communities.How it worksPreviously, Otrium would return unsold items to our brand partners, operating on a consignment basis where brands retain ownership until items find new owners through our platform's data-driven matching. Our donation service operates as an additional facet of our core mission, which involves giving unsold fashion items a renewed purpose. We enable these charities to select items upfront. To ensure that the items we send their way fit with the needs of their community.  Partnerships with charities show us the importance clothing holds.
Otrium continually works towards the  mission that all clothing should be worn. We do this by helping to eliminate unsold inventory and using  technology and data to change the way clothing is created and sold. On our journey towards a smarter, more sustainable fashion industry, we’ve teamed up with Good On You, the leading source of fashion sustainability ratings. We’ve used their know-how to highlight brands on our own platform that go the extra mile to be more sustainable, which helps our customers make more informed shopping choices. Using Good On You’s data, we’ve introduced the Otrium Conscious filter. And now we’re speaking to conscious-rated brands carried by Otrium  to find out more about their approach towards sustainability. This week, we chatted to Eric Otten, CEO of cashmere brand So Good To Wear, who believes that ethical fashion should be the rule instead of the exception. So what does sustainability mean to you? “People have always thought we could  take something inexhaustible from our earth, to drive  mass consumption and economic growth. Unfortunately, the reality is the opposite. Sustainability means that we have to give back more to the earth than we take” Tell us more about your brand. “Cashmere without compromises sums it up. We redesign the production process of cashmere with new and restored values. It’s a more conscious and personal process.” What’s your role… and how did you get there? “As CEO of the company, I have to be a farmer for our Nepalese business and at the same time a fashion specialist for our western business. I bring those two worlds together, always with consideration of our vision and goals.” What’s your career background and when did you start working on creating a positive impact? “I have been in the fashion business for almost my whole career. I worked for private label brands and premium brands like Wolford. After five years, I truly realised there are no limitations for the welfare of our planet and so I joined the sustainable and fair trade brand MYoMY. From there, I moved to  So Good To Wear.” What achievement are you most proud of? “Putting the whole chain theory in practice! From our own cashmere goats to our spinnery, natural dying atelier and production in Nepal to our “slow fashion” models in the retail industry. The whole chain is fairtrade,  animal friendly and committed to rebuilding the economy in Nepal.”What are you working on at the moment? “We are expanding our retail network internationally and expanding  our own cashmere goat herd in Nepal.”What is the biggest challenge on your  roadmap of improvements? “The coordination between high demands in the western world and the limitations of the relatively primitive possibilities in Nepal. Some things take more time to realise in Nepal – time we sometimes don’t have.”What’s the best feedback you’ve ever received from customers? “I have never worn a more comfortable piece of clothing than my So Good To Wear sweater – it’s physical and emotional.”What do customers value most about the brand and products? “It’s high “slow” fashion without compromises, made from the finest quality cashmere, fully fairtrade, sustainable and animal friendly”Who inspires you and why? “Stella McCartney – it became a movement of a luxury fashion brand built on sustainability.” What’s the most important aspect you keep in mind when shopping for more sustainable fashion? “I ask: is the brand really concerned about sustainability or is it a form of “greenwashing”?”Do you have a quote you live by? “Without action, we only have words.” What’s a quick change that people could make in terms of being more sustainable? “Actually, that is very easy! Start changing small and easy things in your life because it all helps: take your bike, not your car, don’t let the water run when you brush your teeth, don’t throw away food, put the light out in rooms you're not in, wash only a full machine and use biological soap, throw waste in a bin, not on the street, don’t eat meat every day and many more things that make more difference than you think, in your head and for nature.”
As part of Otrium’s journey to being part of a smarter fashion industry, end-of-season fashion platform is signing up to Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and backing its drive towards delivering ambitious corporate climate action. Otrium wants to have a net positive impact. This means making a positive impact through its business model while taking ownership of the greenhouse gas emissions Otrium’s own business creates.Working towards a future where all clothing is worn, Otrium, together with its brand partners, gives unsold items the best chance of finding an owner. Otrium helps brands do this by polishing and matching end-of-season fashion as well as moving away from excess by introducing Data-Made Fashion focusing on data and making use of excess fabrics.Otrium is the first stand-alone off-price fashion business committing to setting Science Based Targets. By that, Otrium will join a global movement of companies aiming to limit global warming to 1.5 degree maximum, in line with the Paris Agreement of 2015.Says Marlot Kiveron, Head of Sustainability at Otrium, “We’re ambitious to create a smarter fashion industry, and committed to do so without compromising our own operational impact as a company.”  “We’ve pledged to report within the SBTi framework, transparently and in line with science.” “We have conducted our first undefined that will function as a baseline to set targets. Next up is the process of setting our Science Based Targets, driving our carbon reduction roadmap and annual reporting on our progress.” Follow our journey undefined.

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