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Conscious Series: So Good To Wear

Otrium continually works towards the  mission that all clothing should be worn. We do this by helping to eliminate unsold inventory and using  technology and data to change the way clothing is created and sold. 
Otrium, de digitale mode-outlet die het groeiende probleem van onverkochte  voorraad aanpakt, heeft Zuhairah Washington benoemd tot nieuwe wereldwijde CEO. Medeoprichter Max Klijnstra stapt in de rol van  Chief Sustainability & Growth Officer om de groei en de missie op elkaar af te stemmen. De missie van het platform is om miljoenen klanten te verbinden met 's werelds toonaangevende premiummerken om ervoor te zorgen dat alle geproduceerde kleding wordt gedragen.
Fashion's carbon footprint isn't a small thing. The fashion industry produces 5% of the world’s carbon emissions and is the world’s 3rd largest polluter. We're part of that, but we're striving to change that story. Here's what we're up to:
Fashion outlet Otrium meet vermeden koolstofemissies en afval met behulp van de koolstof berekeningssoftware Vaayu
To celebrate Otrium's 2022 Impact Report, we're shining the light on brands rated Conscious by Good on You. Through our collaboration with Good on You, a leading independent rating organization, we aim to empower our customers to shop responsibly. Good On You assess brands on three key areas, people, planet, and animal welfare. Together we've handpicked CLOSED, a brand that showcases its unwavering commitment to making an impact. 
The British Fashion Council announces Otrium as a new Patron

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